Janet Yellen: Expectations About Raising Interest Rates Soon

New York: Janet Yellen: Expectations About Raising Interest Rates Soon; Stated, “Janet Yellen,” president of the Federal Reserve (the US central bank), POSSIBILITY raise interest rates in the near term.

She explained that softens the labor market saw further recovery this year, and inflation began to improve, while the central bank expects to take a number of measures the capital markets during a meeting next month.

In the month of December of the previous year, the Federal Reserve will increase interest rates for the first time seven years ago, the rate of 0%, to reach the current level, which ranges between 0.25% and 0.5%.

She softens that the US economy has developed very well, which contributes to the possibility Believe analysts’ speculation about a rate hike at the meeting scheduled in the next 14 Dissembrcanon first.

The “Trump” has criticized the policies relating to the bank in addition to criticizing the policies of unrelenting economic, and came during his campaign.

The British central bank exposure to many of the same pressures from senior conservatives about the impact of declining interest rates, in addition to the quantitative easing since the economic crisis in 2008, the past.

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Janet Yellen: Expectations About Raising Interest Rates Soon
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